‘Belonging’, Book by Munem Wasif


It only takes a single glance to recognize a classic. The confirmation can be seen here, in this direct, forthright photography — the same quality that came through in the series devoted to “Salty Tears”, in which Munem Wasif examined, documented and questioned the situation regarding water in his country, Bangladesh. Classic by choice, starting with the choice of black and white, whose relative distancing from reality demands exacting precision in the composition. Arising, as always in photography, from a succession of rejections, eliminations and decisions, this choice precludes the picturesque quality that too often prevails when lands and peoples are viewed through the prism of exoticism. But black and white, while it places the photographer within a documentary tradition long associated with journalism, obliges him to go beyond merely transposing a visual record of the world. He must take a position, and he does, deliberately and consistently.

By Christian Caujolle

Photos and texts by Munem wasif
Preface by Christian Caujolle
Design by Nelly Riedel
Publisher: Clémentine de la Féronnière
160 pages, 69 pictures
Size 16.8 x 21.8 cm
Binding: Hard cover, printed on Cialux
Language of text: English and French
Year published: 2013
Price: 36 euro




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